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I have so many bracelets already, why do I need yours?

Woven bracelets from Shambhala shamans from Peru or Bali bought during ayahuasca were such a newfangled manner a few years ago.

Today in almost everyone's house you can find these bracelets at home.

Made of plastic, with loose stones, cracked stones, torn threads, or discolored from wear. In other words, these things do not bring any benefit or joy.

We want to assure you that the bracelets themselves are also not happy to be with you. They had their part, which they have already played. Crystals are unhappy to burden the host and be unnecessary.

What to do?

Option 1: If the bracelets are made from quality natural stones and silver / gold, then they can be woven and given another life to serve you.

For more details, look at our channels for weaving lessons on houses, we also provide you with materials tested for years.

Option 2: thank the crystals and those who donated.

Take them in your hands again, look at them, leave them in nature, throw them into the sea. The crystals will be very happy to return to earth. Free up precious space at the same time.

Besides beauty and trend, these bracelets have special strength. Some of these bracelets were purchased from exotic resorts or donated by friends. At that time, they brought joy. Some bracelets were braided for desire. The wish came true, but what to do with the talisman next? See above Option 2

But now they are a bit tired. Lying and gathering dust somewhere on the shelf. Throw away - the hand does not rise if this is a gift from a dear person.

First of all, these bracelets are made by hand, not by machine and they are ALIVE.

Have you noticed that you like only a certain stone out of a thousand, be others more expensive, more valuable, more But it was that stone that sunk into the soul.

The stones also reciprocate. Wearing the bracelet on your wrist, you feel the support, protection and confidence that they radiate when they are loved.

We create your favorite products, taking into account your wishes and requests. It is very important for us that things are useful and help their owner change for the better and that dreams come true.

Do you want to get a free design of your helper bracelet or a selection of stones upon request for a desire? Write in the comment “I want to make a request”

We will contact yours soon.

God bless you,

Good luck.

With love and gratitude

Hemala Jewelry Workshop

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