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The art of macramé has never lost its popularity. And all because a simple rope, gray twine or just a cord in skillful hands turns into real masterpieces of needlework. This article is prepared for beginners to learn macramé. It will allow you to get all the basic knowledge and master the initial skills of weaving using the macrame technique.


Macrame history

This art was born with the first knot that the ancient man tied. The first nets for catching birds and fish (first knotless, then knotted) were made of grass or animal hair, but sailors of the sailing fleet improved this technique best of all. By virtue of their professional activities, they had to be able to tie various sea knots, of which there are more than four thousand. In their spare time from their main work, they, having fun, braided flasks, bottles, utensils, knife handles, etc. Already from sailors in the XIV century, residents of other countries learned the technique of sea weaving and used it in their products. Therefore, marine nodes are so widely represented in the macrame technique.

About Us


If in our time simple material is taken for work, then for the weaving of that time we used golden thread, silk threads and laces, animal hair, and leather. Masters used amber, beads, pearls, wood in their work (used them as decorative elements).

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